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Youth course - Easter Camp for young FLUTISTS

solo & flute ensemble

05.04.2020 - 11.04.2020


Class starts on: 05.04.2020, 18:00
Arrival after: 05.04.2020, 15:00
Final Concert: 11.04.2020, 11:00
Class ends on: 11.04.2020, 14:00
Deadline: 15.03.2020

Our youth class for flute in the Easter Week prior to Easter Sunday will offer you a good possibility to intensively prepare an imminent contest such as Jugend musiziert, Prima la Musica, Gradus ad Parnassum or an examination, and you can also deepen and improve programs already started or finished. Solo lessons, prima vista playing and rhythm trainig will widen your musical horizon and promote your creativity and talent in playing the instrument. Due to the varied contact with the course participants, listening to other participants of the strings and flute course taking place at the same time will expand your sound experience, promote your creativity and rouse your joy in making music. Specific technical support will facilitate the transformation of your musical ideas.

Following obligations are offered and contained in the fee
Daily ca. 40 minutes resp. 80 minutes individual lessons, additional flute ensemble, training in rhythmics, free use of piano instruments and of the practising premises, a workshop-concert, a public final concert admission free for participants and visitors, all classes open for listeners. All participants will receive a diploma of participation. Free use of the open WLAN.

You can freely choose the program for the course.

 A main focus of this young master class lies in techniques and in interpreting your selected program.

 We will work on an improvement of your musical power of expression and the promotion of your musical personality and find ways to independent interpretation. Correct exercises, practicing playing by heart, the correct posture at the instrument and correct respiration are also main components of the course work.

We deal with coping any fears of performance, among others, by mental training, by mutual recitals in group lessons, in the workshop concert and during the public final concert, and by preparing for competitions and exams.

Invited are
young flute players of every nation from age 7 up to age 18 from Universities, Music schools, Conservatories or from private teachers. Invited are soloists and ensembles.

We expect an adequate selection of the course program according to your skills and age, preferably in consultation with your teacher. You should have lessons for at least 2 years and should be able to play at least easy works at the level of the intermediate grade. 

Castle Zell an der Pram in Upper Austria.

The class starts at 6 p.m. with the dinner. Arrival after 3 p.m.

The class ends after the public concert in the Knights Hall of the castle.


Late applications will be considered if possible, but due to high demand and limited space, we recommend to submit your application intime.

Final Concert
The class ends with a public concert in the Knights Hall of the castle. The participants will be selected by the professors.

There are sports grounds and a gym for ball-games, table tennis, etc.

Right away book two lesson-unities daily and/or a second class!