Body & Voice

body - breath - voice


Course data

  • Class starts on:28.08.202218:00 
  • Arrival after:28.08.202215:00 
  • Class ends on:03.09.202218:00 
  • Deadline:01.08.2022

Content of the Seminar

Effortless holistic singing, authentic personal expression and capturing stage presence are the objective of this module for participants of the singing master classes.

Bernhard Landauer has received training in Craniosacral Therapy, breathing type work and different forms of mental practices and is an experienced opera and concert singer himself.

In his workshops and individual sessions he helps musicians and other artists to release physical, mental, emotional and energetic obstructions in order to reconnect with their full natural potential.

During this four day class you will

  • enhance your awareness of posture, movement and breath in exercise and performance situations
  • locate and relieve unnecessary effort and tension
  • work on your individual balance of impulse and relaxation
  • learn to harmonize internal with external dynamics
  • investigate your full repertoire of sound and emotional expression
  • practice being in your artistic and physical comfort zone

The participants will get a participation diploma.

Invited are

vocalists of the master classes for singers taking place at the same time.


Late applications will be considered if possible, but due to high demand and limited space, we encourage you to get your application in on time.

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