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Austrian Master Classes
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Tradition for more than 42 years!

"Where language ends, music begins"

E.T.A.Hoffmann (1776-1822)

Dear musicians, dear friends of the Austrian Master Classes!

In the more than 42 years ever since their founding young musicians, students, professional musicians and educators from 85 countries have attended the worldwide acclaimed Austrian Master Classes. Master classes as an accompanying continuing education are represented in the course programs as well as master classes for kids and for young persons, in which sports, playing and fun do not go short.

The music camps for kids and the master classes of the Austrian Master Classes are characterized by a choice of teachers coming from the realms of music schools and universities as well as from international concert scene. It is further characterized by a familiar atmosphere in the castle and by a professional work true to our motto: "we pick up the participants from where they are". Our participants – many of them visiting our classes for years – will find optimal conditions for lessons and practising at Schloss Zell an der Pram.

In both the classes for kids and the master classes the participants are studying on highest level with internationally renowned educators and with well-known musicians - with a particular reference to the Austrian musical tradition. Our participants - many of them repeatedly visiting our courses throughout years - experience optimal conditions for instructions and practising in the castle of Zell an der Pram.

At this point we particularly thank the government of Upper Austria and the excellent team in the castle Zell an der Pram.

Also we appreciate the sponsorship of ARC VERONAand PIRASTRO and we also express our gratitude to the numerous friends and partners whose support only enables the manifold and high-qualityprogram of the Austrian Master Classes.

In 2020 again we cordially invite music enthusiasts of any age, of any educational level and of any nationality to take part in the lively musical meeting with like-minded people in the cultivated atmosphere of the castle of Zell an der Pram.

Univ.Prof. Georg Steinschaden
President & Artistic Director of the Austrian Master Classes