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at Castle Zell an der Pram

The accommodation for PARTICIPANTS is in the "Landesbildungszentrum" Castle Zell an der Pram.

For participants over age 16 - but only if castle is booked out - also in a near lodging house (ca. 3 minutes by walking from the castle). Rooms for participants will be arranged by the course management.

The accommodation is NOT included in the course fees! Payment for accommodations should be made to the "Schlossverwaltung" (castle management) at the time of arrival.
Cost for accommodation:
€ 43,00 per day for participants till age 18, all meals included
€ 49,00 per day for adults for 3,4 & 5 bed rooms, all meals included
€ 51,00 per day for double bed rooms, all meals included
€ 53,00 per day for single rooms (2 single rooms with shared bath room), all meals included

Please note that for capacity reasons accompanying persons cannot have accommodation and meals in the Landesbildungszentrum. They have to organise their accommodation by themselves! A list of the near lodging houses and inns you will find on our web site and over the tourism center Schärding. 

We request most politely appreciation that at youth courses for purely educational reasons the presence of accompanying persons (parents e.g. ) in the Landesbildungszentrum during the complete course isn't intended and desired.



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