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General Information

Where the courses take place?

The course location is the Landesbildungszentrum Schloss Zell an der Pram, 4755 Zell an der Pram in Upper Austria. Other teaching places are the parish hall, the elementary school and the hall at Gasthof Wohlmuth. All are n the immediate area around the castle.

Is there transfer to the course location?

No, arrival and departure and trips to external quarters are to be organized by the students and accompanying persons themselves. We can help to find suitable connections.

What languages ​​classes take place?

The languages ​​of instruction are generally German and/or English

Where are the PARTICIPANTS accommodated?

Providing accommodation for participants in youth and master classes is in the Landesbildungszentrum Schloss Zell an der Pram.

Must I live in the castle and/or have meals to attend a course?

No, a participation in the courses is also possible without accommodation in the castle, without full board or even with external accommodation.

Where are the ACCOMPANYING accommodated?

The accommodation of accompanying persons (parents, group leaders, interpreters, etc.) is NOT possible in Landesbildungszentrum Schloss Zell an der Pram. Please contact the nearest TOURIST INFOTMATIN. A list of nearby lodging houses and guest houses you can find at "Course location & accommodation"

Is the lodging included in the course fee?

No, the cost for accommodation in the Landesbildungszentrum is not included in the course fee. Please have a look at "Course location & accommodation"

Where can I practice and rehearse?

For pianists practice pianos stand in the amount of at least 2 hours per participant per day free of charge. The schedule will be organized. Please note that in each room only a piano is available. (Piano duets!)

Strings and Winds can practice in their living rooms. Music stands are brought by the parrticipants.

Please note the sleep 22:00 to 8:00 and may be that making music exclusively with the windows closed!

Should I take your own music scores?

All scores, including piano parts and scores are to be brought by the participant. Please contact for copyright reasons laid originals. The sheet music for orchestra, wind ensemble and rhythm training provide the lecturers

Do I need to play at a concert?

No, participation in workshop concerts and final concerts is voluntary, the selection of the participants and deciding whether someone is allowed to play will be done by the professors and the Director and the faculty.

Am I insured during the course?

Not by the Austrian Masterclasses. Participants are advised to take out individual cancellation, travel and medical insurance.


The Austrian Masterclasses assume no liability for the safety of students and through any damages that may have been to buildings, facilities and people.


For participants under age 18 the rules of the local Youth Protection take place. The orders of the course organizer and the house management has to be obeyed. In case of Violations the course management reserves the right to exclude participant from further participation in the course, a prorated refund of course fees and accommodation is not granted.


Please pay the total bill to our account via bank transfer upon receipt of invoice. The registration is MANDATORY and will be ranked after a successful payment. All prices incl. any taxes.

When my registration is valid?

The course places are reserved in the order of receipt of the course fee to our account. The course places are limited. A first possible application and full payment of the course fee will be recommended. Please note our cancellation terms.

The payment and cancellation conditions for groups subject to their own rules!


The stated FAQs represent only a non-binding answer frequently asked questions. Decisive are the posting on this website Terms and Conditions.

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