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Castle Zell an der Pram

An incredible place!

The classicistic Castle Zell an der Pram, in its present form, was built between 1771 and 1777 by the Munich court-architect Franz de Cuvilli's the younger.
The castle with its generous seminar-rooms, its stimulating atmosphere and its unique and romantic setting in the Upper Austrian "Innviertel", offers an excellent background for intensive work with internationally renowned professors and  guarantee a further artistic and professional development.

From 1250 the mastersde celle resided at the castle. From 1433 until about 1484 the Zeller united the territory of Riedau and Zell and therefore called themselves Masters of Riedau and Zell. Since the XVII century the Counts of Tattenbach have been proprietors of the manor.

The Freskensaal - a concert hall with excellent acoustics - is a real masterpiece. Its rich paintings describes the pleasures of country life, hunting, music, fishing, farming, and scenes of the Greek mythology. 

The frescoes on the ceiling and on the gallery were made by the court-artist Christian Wink during the summer months of 1771 and 1772. The walls of the festival hall were decorated by the Munich stage designer Joseph Damian Stuber.

The frescoes on the ceiling show the pleasures of the gardens embedded between palm trees, orange trees and yew. An old woman gives an apple to Pomona, the goddess of cultivated fruits . 

This old woman was interpreted to be Pomona's husband Vertumnus, the ancient Italian god of the turn of the year. On the right side the scene is confined by a group of nymphs around a fountain. 

The extensive manorial stairs and the four vestibules are also decorated with frescoes and paintings.


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Schloss Zell an der Pram

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