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Master Classes for Vocals in August

Lied | opera | operetta
oratorio | musical | cantatas


Course data

  • Class starts on:25.08.202418:00 
  • Arrival after:25.08.202415:00 
  • Final Concert:30.08.202415:00 
  • Class ends on:31.08.202410:00 
  • Deadline:15.07.2024


Course fee from 410,00  €

Accommodation in the Castle Zell 407,00  €
(external participation possible) 


The master classes for singers offers individual participants as well as existing piano-chant - ensembles the possibility to prepare intensively concert recitals, contests, auditions or exams or just to prepare a program of free choice. Students, professional singers as well as teachers, who lack time and possibility during the school year for making music, have the possibility to work together for a week in the magic ambience of castle Zell an der Pram and to exchange experiences. Individual technical, musical and methodical-didactic support for singers will represent the further focuses of these master classes.

Invited are

Primarily singing students from music universities, music colleges and conservatories, music schools and young singers who want to prepare for entrance examinations at music universities, music colleges and conservatories, for competitions and concert performances or simply want to work on a program of their choice, as well as professional musicians and singing teachers. 

Semiprofessional singers/amateurs who are willing to work according to professional criteria can only be admitted to a limited extent for the time being. Further places can only be bindingly accepted after the deadline of 15 May in accordance with the availability of places.

The courses are open to participants aged 16 and over. Exceptions are possible in consultation with the course management.

Following obligations are offered and contained in the fee

Daily depending on the booking on average 45 minutes or 90 minutes individual lessons with the singing teachers and accompanists | all classes are open for listening | free use of the pianos and practicing rooms | occasional lectures | performance training | workshop concerts | public final concert with free admission | use of the seminar and recreation rooms | use of the table tennis tables and the sports field | additional offer Shiatsu (to be booked separately) | active participants receive a participation diploma.

Course Program

The courses focus on basis of technique, vocal training, control of respiration, part writing, use of voices, training of pronunciation, quality of correct exercises, and particularly for singing teachers "Methodology and didactics of vocal instruction".
Expansion of musical power of expression and promotion of the musical personality will help to find ways to independent interpretation. Coping with stress and fear of performance, among others, through mental training by playing in front of the group during lessons and in the workshop concert.

Free choice of program from the international repertoire of Lied, cantata, oratorio, opera, operetta and musical.

Course languages: German and English. For the teaching languages of the respective lecturers, please refer to their biographies.

General timetable as a pdf


Late applications will be considered if possible, but due to high demand and limited space, we encourage you to get your application in on time.

Closing Concert

The workshop concerts and the official closing concert are in the Freskensaal of the castle Zell an der Pram. The participants will be selected by the professors.

Leisure-Time Activities

There are sports grounds, a swimming-bath and a gym for ball-games, table tennis, etc. You will certainly have time for a trip to explore the surroundings of Zell an der Pram.


take also part in the Seminar "Body & Voice" with Bernhard Landauer.

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