Dear participants!


As hoped, everything will be easier from July 1st! 

1) What remains is the rule vaccinated, tested or recovered (see below!) At the beginning of the courses, everyone entering the castle must present one of the required documents, including accompanying persons who enter the house for a short time.

2) No more masks required in the entire building.

3) The final concerts can again take place without restrictions on seating. Masks must be worn in the audience area during the entire concert, but a mouth-nose protection is sufficient.

4) Additional offers such as chamber orchestra, sheet playing for the pianists, etc. can take place again.


Your contribution to our security

Upon entering the seminar or conference rooms, we ask you to disinfect your hands (disinfection dispensers are available) and to wash your hands with soap and water at regular intervals.

After each lesson and after practicing, the keyboards of the pianos must be cleaned! Wash the available towels with the available soap water (NOT with disinfectants!) and wipe the keyboards thoroughly.

After each lesson or practice unit, the seminar or room must be ventilated.

In case of slightest signs of illness or suspected Covid 19 disease, this must be reported immediately to the Covid representative!


Tested, vaccinated or recovered

Entry into the building and participation in our courses is only permitted on presentation of one of the following documents:

Proof of negative test with different periods of validity; Self-test with digital solution: 24h · Antigen test: 48h PCR test: 72h

Proof of protective Corona vaccination (The first protective vaccination must be at least 22 days old. )

Medical confirmation of a surviving infection (6 months after recovery); Detection of antibodies (valid for 3 months)



By registering for a course, you agree to the preventive measures in force at the time of the course.

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