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Vladimir Genin


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The Moscow pianist and composer Vladimir Genin appeared as pianist, conductor and organist in concert halls of Russia, Germany, France, England and Italy with classical and his own works, as part of the festival "Toujours Mozart" 2002-2004, he was in Salzburg, Vienna and Munich. As founder and artistic director of the project "The musicians' guild of the future", which has a professional music education for gifted children and young people to target, he teaches piano and chamber music, prepares young artists preparing for competitions and is the organizer of an eponymous concert series.

His pedagogical principles, he successfully implemented 260 also as head of music at the Musicschool Hallbergmoos - Neufahrn with a twenty-member team of highly skilled musicians and students. He also teaches composition and instrumentation, and oversees the gifted young pianist in East Grinstead, near London. His students have emerged as winners in various competitions in Germany, France and Switzerland were Musiziert first winner of the Federal Youth competition, and many of his students studying at various music schools in Germany. Vladimir Genin is a member of the Composers' Union of Russia, the GEMA and the Association of Musicians in Munich, is the author of symphonic, choral and chamber works that have been performed in Russia, Europe and the United States and recorded on tapes and on CDs. His works were repeatedly presented at festivals for contemporary music "Moscow Autumn" and at festivals in Munich Society for Contemporary Music. "The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians" (London) contains an article about his work.

He studied with great professors such as Roman Ledenev (composition), Yuri Buzko (Orchestration), Yuri Kholopov (a form of music and modern harmony) and Ilya Klyachko (Piano) at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, which he graduated in 1983 with honors, and as the graduate studies Composer followed. Since then he has worked as a freelance composer and music educator.

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