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Markus Urbas


Musikum Salzburg

Teaching languages: German | English

Markus Urbas lives in Salzburg and teaches a piano class at the Musikum-Salzburg City. In addition to solo literature from all eras of piano music, four-hand piano playing and piano chamber music form a major focus of his pedagogical work. 

For many years, he has been involved in music education for children and young people. For example, he has regularly performed in the youth programme "Klangkarton" of the International Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg.

The Austrian pianist studied at the Mozarteum in Salzburg and at the Vienna Music University with Brian Lamport and Carlos Rivera-Aguilar, among others.master classes with Walter Langer, Jörg Demus, Karl Heinz Kämmerling, Elza Kolodin, the piano duos Bauer-Bung and Uriarte-Mrongovius.

One of the main focuses of his artistic work is chamber music, especially piano duets and song accompaniment. He formed a piano duo with Melanie Hie for many years and the piano ensemble "Salzburger Piano Circus", which he founded, showed a unique symbiosis of piano playing and body acrobatics.

He has performed in various formations at many Austrian music festivals (Wiener Klangbogen, Wiener Schubertiaden, Wiener Musikverein, Carinthischer Sommer etc.) and has given notable guest performances in Germany (e.g. Heidelberger Frühling), Bosnia, Slovenia, Spain, Slovakia and Indonesia. In 2008 he gave a master class at the University of the Arts in Jakarta (Indonesia). 2008 CD production

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